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This communiy does seem quite, I wish we could talk some more in it. About Naruto maybe? if not a little bit more about the sites, I really want this collective to happen! but it does seem like people have given up on it.....sorry if I am being rude or something ^_^
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I was just wondering, is everyone on the list still going to do their planned site? I ask this because it's been so long since we have all talked about it so maybe we should get a heads up from other members who still want to be in it or not? :O
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Naruto Shrines

This is to confirm who's on the List. Comment with your name, character, URL :D *love*

Argilla & Nell: Naruto
Pikachu: Sakura
Stefi : Sasuke
Argilla: Rock Lee
Nancy: Neji
Sessy: Hinata
Keigo: Temari
Iwase/Chloe: Yondaime and Kakashi
Kyou: Shikamaru
Iwase/Chloe, Nancy and Nell: Not So Important Characters (chloe-genma hayate)
Keigo, Pika, Z-ro: Gaara
Z-ro : Tsunade, Ino
Keigo: Temari
Saki: Haku
Nell : Jiraiya